Tuesday, June 28, 2011

useful links for K-1 visa process in Manila


  • Welcome to the Immigrant Visa Unit 
  • New E-Mail Address
    In order to serve our visa applicants more efficiently, we have created this new e-mail address: IVMNLAppointments@state.gov, for early appointment requests and visa scheduling issues.  Please note, however, that early appointment requests will be approved on a case to case basis (i.e., aging out cases, or in cases involving personal or medical emergencies), and only if visa interview slots are available. For other immigrant and K visa concerns, please send an e-mail to IVMNLAppointments@state.gov. 
  • Visa Information and Appointment Service Call Hours and New Phone Number
    The Visa Information and Appointment Service is now accessible from Monday to Friday only, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., except on Philippine and U.S. holidays. 
    In addition to (632) 982-5555 and (214) 571-1600 (for calls from the United States), immigrant and K visa applicants may also request a visa appointment via this n
  • ew call center number:  (632) 902-8930.   
  • fees

  • The Importance of Becoming “Documentarily Qualified” (NVC)
  • Visa Interview Appointments (discrepancies on the time schedule)
  • Immigrant and K Visa Applicant Appointment Package/Instructions(you can print instruction)

  • A Practical Guide to Immigration for Filipino Spouses and FiancĂ©(e)s of American Citizens
  • K-1 visa (FAQ)

  • CFO seminar 

  • travel tax 

  • Philippines Customs, Currency & Airport Tax regulations details

  • family code of the Philippines

  • public charge issue of beneficiary

  • divorce decree

  • what to bring and not to bring during the interview 

  • Nonimmigrant Visa Application Procedures 
http://www.ustraveldocs.com/ph/ScheduleanAppointment.html  or 
  • Applying for an Immigrant Visa Appointment

  • SLEC medical for visa application